Readers Studio 2014, Here I Come!

At the end of April, my husband took the boys to C2E2 in Chicago (some comic book entertainment conference) and I saw my chance…  For years I always felt guilty about wanting to go to the Readers Studio because of the expense of what my family sees as a solitary vacation just for me.  But since they got to take their vacation, that means that I get my own next year!  🙂  (<– big smile!)

So this month I signed up to attend Readers Studio 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited!  I decided that I want to drive because I have more freedom with how many decks I can bring.  I’ll even have room to bring the plethora of decks that need new homes.  Shoot, if I can’t find trades, I’ll just give them away, since most of them were Robyn’s decks, and she always gifted her decks to others.

I used my iPod’s Tarot of Prague folder (using the shuffle-slideshow feature) and “drew” cards, asking for a message from Robyn/starladyxvii:

2013-6-22 RS14 starladyxvii

I drew The Fool from another deck just a few days ago, and I saw it as something new starting up very soon.  And here he is again.  It’s time to put on a fresh tarot face for myself; after years of disconnection and distraction, it’s time to start anew.

Five of Cups – I can’t think about the fact that I’ll be there without Robyn by my side as we had planned the year before she died.  Appreciate the joy of being there in the energy that we used to enjoy together.

The Sun – and a fun time will be had by all!

Ten of Cups – the sense of family and grand tradition that’s felt by all who attend.

And the card that was on the bottom of the deck was none other than the Queen of Wands, Robyn’s significator!


Should I or Shouldn’t I? Using the Tarot School’s Double-Edged Sword Spread

For many days now I’ve been debating whether or not I should attend the upcoming Tarot School’s Readers Studio in April 2012.  My husband is okay with me taking a “vacation” without the rest of the family, so it’s really all coming down to money.  After I mulled it over for 3 days, I finally remembered to pull out my cards.  (duh!  It’s funny how often I don’t think of using Tarot when making big decisions, like recently when we were trying to decide whether to trade in our older car for a newer one.)

Anyway, the first spread that came to me is by none other than Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, the very people who host the Readers Studio.  It’s called the Double-Edged Sword, and it uses a columnar format with 5 cards in each column, and each column representing a different choice.  I don’t usually use reversals, but this spread is really set up for reversals.

I shuffled and laid out the cards; the left column represents going to the RS12 and the right column represents staying home during that week.

I drew the following cards:

Go to RS12:
Ace of Pentacles Rx
The World
Seven of Wands Rx
Knight of Wands
King of Pentacles Rx

Do Not Go to RS12:
Three of Swords
King of Swords
Nine of Cups
The Lovers
The Chariot Rx

At first glance, if you were just looking at reversals, this might seem an obvious call to stay home since there are 3 reversed cards in the “go” column and only one in the “stay” column, but if I really look at the cards, it’s definitely not a cut and dry decision for me.

As I said, it’s all going to come down to money, which the “go” column definitely emphasizes.  I mean, what more do you need to see?  We start with the Ace of Pents reversed, and end the column with the King of Pents reversed.  The whole column is bracketed by the beginning and end of the Pentacles suit, and both cards are reversed.  (And I actually confirmed this tonight when I took three hours to reconcile my bank account and try to rework my budget. <sigh>   And I’m in this position now because we did decide to buy that new car less than 15 days ago.)

The middle card, the Seven of Wands, is also reversed, and it says to me that I might spend the next 6 months defending my position to attend RS12, whether it be it to my husband or to myself.

However, on the plus side, these reversed cards surround The World. Because this is a trump card, I want to give it more weight than the other cards.  The reversed Pents, while discomfiting, are transitory problems (provided I have my current job) and there are things I can do before the RS to earn a little money (like sell some of the 300+ decks I own).  But the effects of The World card could very well change the very way I see the world (no pun intended!); it could mean that attending the Readers Studio could help to fill a part of my life that has been missing for a long time.

In the right column, there is only one reversed card, but it’s interesting to see what the other cards are.  First of all, the first card I drew, the Three of Swords, was just a big, “Don’t I know it!”  If I don’t go, it’s going to just break my heart.  And not just emotionally.  This is Swords after all.  Before I had the bright idea to use my Tarot deck ;), I journaled my feelings about my motivations for wanting to go when I know that money is tight.  It all came down to reconnecting with something that used to be very important in my life but went into hibernation after I lost Robyn.  Not only did I stop playing with Tarot and enjoying it, but I lost my connection to Spirit.  I’ll admit it… I have felt dead inside for two years now, and it makes me sad and lonely.  I think that going to the RS will help bring me back to something that matters to me.  Yes, I can do it through all of my online connections, but it’s not the same.  And if you’ve ever been to the Readers Studio, you know that nothing is quite like it!  🙂

The middle card is the Nine of Cups, which most people look at as a positive card.  And I suppose it is for the most part.  But when I look at this card, I see me surrounded by my wish (going to RS12) but not actually going anywhere.  There I am, just sitting in the middle of all those cups, not partaking at all.  It feels like total inaction to me.  And that kind of fits with the Chariot reversed.  That guy isn’t going anywhere either.  Normally he’s buried in cement anyway, so his movement could be interpreted to be spiritual.  But to have this card reversed tells me that not only am I not going anywhere physically, but I won’t be gaining any spiritual enlightenment either.

On a personal level, I tie The Lovers and the King of Swords together.  I usually associate my husband with the King of Cups because his Scorpio rising sign is prevalent.  However, he is a Gemini, and I believe in the case of his feelings about me attending or not attending the Readers Studio, he would be looking at it from a more unattached viewpoint and would be totally happy with me not going, thus The Lovers.  Not going would please him on more than one level and might strengthen our relationship, at least in his eyes.  (I’m sure I’m missing some significant points of this trump card, but that’s my first reaction to this card.  Plus The Lovers is one of his birth cards.)

So, like I said, this spread is not cut and dry, no matter that one side has more reversals than the other.  (Of course, because I have a definite preference for going, I’m going to try to see the brightest side of the cards on the left!)  Not going would mean that I continue to live my life as I have been, with lots of inaction and no spiritual connection, albeit a lack of financial struggle as Pents are absent in the “stay” column.  Should I choose to go, I may have some hardship attached to the actual getting there, but once there will gain far more to add to my life and overall well-being.

Knowing that my biggest hurdle is financial, I can do things now to help myself achieve my goal.  Whereas I might have gone ahead and purchased an airline ticket this week and had Wald and Ruth Ann start the payment plan for me, I still have time.  The smart thing to do would be to list my books and decks on the trading board at Aeclectic and try to raise money and see where I end up in a few weeks.  I do have a few collector decks that might help.  Plus, my birthday and Christmas are coming up and I’ve already told my sister that I want money toward my trip. 🙂

So what do you think?  Did I miss anything? 🙂

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