Dreaming Way Tarot

I received this deck, Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi (art by Kwon Shina), back in September or October 2012, compliments of US Games Systems, as a review deck.  This is a deck I would probably not have purchased myself at first glance, so I am soooo glad it found its way to me!  Thank you, Lynn Araujo! 🙂

However, the time in my life being what it was (work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work, etc.) it got put in a drawer until it started calling to me.  And I gotta say, when a deck starts a callin’, I have a very hard time ignoring it!

I pulled three cards (and always the bottom card as well, which I position to the left as the underlying energies of the situation) asking “What do the cards want to tell me?”

2013-4-17 Dreaming Way Interview

I don’t usually do open spreads, but since I didn’t have a specific question at the time the deck was calling, I just let the cards talk to me.  And wow….  they spoke loud and clear.  First of all, Temperance is a special card for me, for better or worse.  From the time I started using the tarot, Temperance has consistently popped out of almost every deck I’ve used, as if to say, “You’re not hearing what I’m trying to tell you!”  In this spread, I say to her, “I hear you!!  But making a change in life is not always easy, you know?”

Temperance faces me straight on, feeling very “in my face” so to speak.  And her wings could be reminding me to lean more on my Higher Power for help.  She’s sandwiched between two tens, as if to say that it’s time to end this cycle I’m on.  Too much on my plate is making my family suffer.  The people/family in Ten of Pentacles is looking toward me, seeing me trying to pick up all of those wands in the Ten of Wands, wondering when they’re ever going to get my attention.  And of course, my back is to them, too busy to see that they are desperate for my attention.  (As if I didn’t feel badly enough…)

The Knight of Pentacles was on the bottom of the deck, ye ol’ stick-in-the-mud, looking on at the sad scene.  Or is that pentacle, representing his desire for a stable life, blocking his view?

These cards are sending me a clear message that my work has completely taken over my life.  It has gone from Three of Pentacles, to Eight of Pentacles, to a Ten of Wands, no more just about work and doing a good job, but it’s become all I can see anymore.  Thus an appearance from Temperance, my trusty personal alarm, telling me (AGAIN) that I’m out of balance.

By the way, yes, it is the end of June and I’m back posting, but I had so much fun with this deck I wanted to share.  I don’t always post on my blog, website, or message groups I’m on, but I always keep my handwritten tarot journal.  🙂


Tarot of the Silicon Dawn – Getting to Know You

Yay!  I just got my Tarot of the Silicon Dawn in the mail yesterday.  (Created by Margaret  Trauth and published by Lo Scarabeo)  I spent a good half-hour looking through each of the cards, enjoying the varnish effect that LS added at the artist’s direction.  Very unique!  [This isn’t the first time that LS has done this; they also used varnish on the Quantum Tarot v2.0.]

Every time I get a new deck that I think I’m going to really use, I’ll do an interview spread that I’ve dubbed, “Getting to Know You.”  I usually use 3 cards, because that’s proven to be the “right” amount for me, and although the questions are not always the same, they usually center around the same ideas.

As I was shuffling the cards, I asked the following questions:

What can I expect from working with this deck? The Moon
What will this deck offer me that other cannot?The Tower
What kind of relationship will I have with this deck?Ace of Swords

Getting to Know my Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

The Moon shows us a female figure complete with a scorpion’s tail.  She sits on a crescent moon, which hovers over a great body of water, skimming her fingers over the surface of the water.  A jackal doggie-paddles right through the moon’s reflection in the water. 
It seems as if this deck will give me just enough light to shine in the dark, the dark being the unknown landscape of these new images.  The jackal could represent my subconscious that’s going to have to steer through the currents, and the woman on the moon could actually represent the energy of this deck, keeping her fingers entangled in the energy of the readings.  Should be interesting!

The Tower shows us a view of two tall buildings , each on fire, with the obligatory falling people.  However, I also see little white blotches, what looks like pieces of paper, making this image just a little too close to the 9/11 twin towers episode to be comfortable.  Of course, The Tower isn’t supposed to make us comfortable, so I guess this card is doing its job!
So what will this deck offer me that others cannot?  Hmmm… a feeling of great discomfort?  What’s interesting about this image making me uncomfortable is that it’s not that it’s The Tower, which never makes me happy when I see it in a reading, but the image itself, reminding me so viscerally of an event that had such a deep effect, not just to me but to the world.  It could be that this deck will challenge me with its images, and isn’t that the point with using different decks?  Why do I have so many?  Because I enjoy seeing how each artist illustrates their understanding of the cards.

The Ace of Swords shows us a woman hovering atop a group of gears, darkness underneath her, but her body illuminated from her feet upwards.  Her nude figure sports gears on her wrists and a gear over her solar plexus chakra.  But what’s most noticable is that in place of facial features is a blank space sporting one lone sword. 
My relationship with this deck will be a great source of new ideas, whether they be about how I see Tarot or the topics of my readings.

It seems working with my new Tarot of the Silicon Deck will be an interesting challenge, but one that will yield great benefits.  🙂

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