When Did I Stop Looking at the Symbols in the Cards?

I decided to do a Celtic Cross spread for my work situation with my newly trimmed Tarot of the Magical Forest, by Leo Tang, asking HOW am I ever going to get caught up??

Since this deck is based on the RWS images and doesn’t vary much (relatively speaking), I didn’t even think about the fact that there aren’t borders.  As I was laying out the cards, my first thought as each card went down was, “Geez, what’s with all the courts?”  (Courts have never been my friends…)  Then, the closer I looked, the more I realized that I had to actually look at the cards to figure out which ones I had drawn.

When did this happen?  It occurred to me that when I draw cards I read the title and make assumptions.  When did I stop looking at the actual images??  (At least with RWS-based decks.)

I admit that when I use a deck that is not based on the RWS (my learning deck), I read the title and then look at the image.  And I’ll usually let the images speak to me, trying to see if they fit into my understanding of the basic card meanings I’ve learned.  (Sometimes they do and sometimes it’s a stretch.)  But to look at the RWS-based image without titles and question the image I was looking at was surprisingly unsettling.  And eye-opening!

Celtic Cross for July 3, 2013 - How will I ever get caught up at work?

Celtic Cross for July 3, 2013 – How will I ever get caught up at work?

For instance, I could look at the little characters on the backs of bigger animals and know those are Knights.  I can see the stance of the kitten below the crossed cards in the middle and know it’s a Page.  But when I saw the little froggie on a throne, my first thought was King because it’s looking straight at me.  But what’s that beside the throne?  A black cat, which means this is the Queen of Wands, which changed my take on the card in this position completely.

Then the card above the Queen of Wands looked at first like the Queen of Swords (though she’s facing the wrong direction), until I saw the balanced scales in her hand.  Huh.  So, others see me as Justice, which does make sense as I always make an effort to be fair to all, separating myself from any emotions I might feel in a heated situation.  Plus, if I had to match up a court with the Queen of Swords (my significator and the card I thought it was), it would be Justice (which, by the way, is my Birth card in Mary K. Greer’s system).

It was an interesting exercise, and one I think I’ll try to keep going with.  On Fortuna’s Oracle, I’m using the Inner Realms Tarot, by Saleire, published by Schiffer, but I think I’ll continue to do my personal dailies with this trimmed deck.  Maybe I’ll even trim one of my International Icon Tarots….  or would that be sacrilegious?  😉


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