Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  For those that celebrate this holiday, I hope you had a blessed sabbat!  And for those that celebrate the children’s version, I hope you had a fun and safe trick-or-treating evening.  🙂

To make up for the fact that I’m not posting any draws today (or haven’t for the last 2 weeks :(), I’m going to share my favorite Halloween Spread.  Unfortunately, I can’t find an official source for this spread, but you can find it here.

I hope you enjoy it!  🙂


Tarot of Vampyres – Let the Energy Carry Me This Week

Well, a new week, a new deck. Personally, even if I did find the opportunity to draw cards everyday, using a deck for only one week is not enough time for me to feel like I know how a deck will read, unless I’ve used it a lot before. But, because it’s October, and I love the dark moods of these decks, I’ll use a new deck this week, and then use the Halloween Tarot the last week of October.

This week I’ll be using The Tarot of Vampyres, by Ian Daniels, published by Llewellyn Publications. Ian Daniels not only did the artwork for The Tarot of Vampyres, he wrote the 300 page book, Phantasmagoria, that accompanies the deck.

I decided to begin with a spread that will give me an idea of my week in general. It doesn’t mean I won’t post throughout the week, but I thought it would be a good place to start.

1) General Energy of the Week – Lord of Grails
2) Most Significant Challenge this Week – Ace of Knives
3) Blessing/Opportunity for this Week – The Chariot
4) Advice to Make this the Best Week it Can Be – Six of Scepters (corresponds to Wands in the RWS)

With the Lord of Grails (fiery aspect of water) as my energy of the week, noting that the suit is water, it looks like I may be a lot better at controlling my emotions this week. The Lord is still very energetic, but is managing to keep his horse from galloping away. From the companion book, “The severed snake-haired head he holds as a trophy symbolizes his power to steal the energies of his enemies and use it as his own. The decapitated head is also a metaphor for his power and control over his emotions and lower instincts, renouncing and countering any powers of seduction used against him.” Ok, that’s all a little “out there,” but you get the idea.  😉

My most significant challenge this week is represented by the Ace of Knives (Swords). With Aces usually representing the potential of an entire suit, my challenge may be that I’ll have difficulty coming up with new ideas for making my software implementation project easier on myself and my team, or may lack needed clarity when trying to assign project portions to different teams. From the companion book, “When the card appears in a reading, it can be a sign that we can use intellectual reasoning to bring clarity to a situation…. Sometimes it denotes that there is a need for clarity, and that we must clear our minds of interference…. This Ace urges us to use our deeply focused thoughts and the power of our mind to overcome misunderstanding, fears, or challenges. We should analyze the situation clearly and logically, without personal judgment, emotion, or fear, using both our unconscious intuition and our conscious mind. A firm choice or decision needs to be made.”

An opportunity presents itself this week in the form of The Chariot. This card represents a clear path forming in front of me, and my will can be the driving force to bring my goals to fruition. I think it’s interesting that this card is represented by Cancer, a water sign, with the Lord of Water on the other side of the Ace of Knives, an air card. Air and Water are neutral to each other, though we have two female energy cards tamping down the male energy of the sword. Maybe that means my “significant challenge” this week will be able to be dealt with without creating too much havoc. 🙂

The advice given to me to make this week the best it can be is the Six of Scepters (Wands). Traditionally, this card represents victory, and it is very complimentary to The Chariot. However, if I look at the image, we don’t see our traditional knight on a horse, walking through a crowd of spectators, celebrating his victory. This image seems to have a man reflecting on his victory with his only companion a panther (there’s also a panther in The Chariot!). As advice, I could look at this as to reach my goals this week, make sure I take a good look at all the aspects of my project to make sure I don’t miss anything important. From the companion book, “The Six of Scepters often appears when we have been working hard towards a goal and success is finally within reach. The recognition we have sought is now being granted. ….this card urges us to draw from this energy of unquestionable success and self-confidence to achieve our desires. Rather than grim determination, this card is about the power and satisfaction we feel when we know that we will succeed.” 

When looking at all the cards and their combined energy, it looks as if this week will be a challenging one, although there are a lot of energies lining themselves up for good success, if I remember to plan ahead and not just fly by the seat of my pants.

Dark Angels Tarot – Patience!

As I was shuffling my Dark Angels Tarot, I asked, “What lesson do I need to take away from my day today?”

I pulled the Ace of Swords, The Devil, and The Magician.

The Devil card seems to be the main theme. She’s facing us full on, though her face is partially covered, as if to say, “Bring it on!”    The Ace of Swords on the left, while facing toward the Devil, is covering her heart chakra as if in protection, even though she holds a sword in her hand.   And The Magician has his back to the Devil, doing his own thing, as if to say, “I’m busy, and you’re not important enough for me to worry about.”

All interesting images, but how to apply it toward my day?   Well, since I’ve been doing nothing but working lately (or at least it seems that way!), I would have to relate this to the project I’m currently working on.   The Devil could represent the temptation of starting to set up my new accounting system, even though I haven’t had my Kick Off Meeting yet.  This whole week I’m in training, which basically shows us all the different features of this system.  Every time we get done with a certain module, I want to go into the system and set up my own company’s information.

However, since there’s still so much I don’t know yet, and because our company may have specific settings or situations that I haven’t been exposed to in training, I should hold back (Ace of Swords) and wait until I’ve been properly trained (Magician). This sounds easy; all I have to do is just NOT do my own setup. BUT… I’m soooo itching to get started, and patience has never been one of my virtues. I’m trying, though. 😉

Images from the Dark Angels Tarot,
by Luca Russo, LWB by Lillie
Published by Lo Scarabeo

Dark Angels Tarot – Take It As It Comes

Well, it’s a new week so I’m going to start a new deck (although I think I’m really going to miss my little gothic friends from the Oracle of Shadows & Light!). This week I’ll be using Lo Scarabeo’s Dark Angels Tarot, by Luca Russo, LWB by Lillie.

Today as I was shuffling, I just asked, “What do I need to know about today?” (I drew the cards at the beginning of the day.)

I pulled the Eight of Swords, the King of Swords, and the Nine of Discs.  This is interesting; it’s almost as if the cards are showing the progression of my day, looking at it after the fact.

Today my company had a holiday (Columbus Day) but I had to go into the office since my online training for the new accounting software system started today. I definitely felt tied down to the office against my wishes (Eight of Swords), which was dictated by a set schedule that couldn’t be altered (King of Swords). But as the day went on, I really didn’t mind being involved in the class and rather ended up enjoying it (Nine of Discs). Of course, I think part of that was the fact that the only thing I had to worry about today was the class; I wasn’t getting bombarded by emails and phone calls since no one else was in the office. I’m sure the rest of the week won’t go so smoothly. Oh well… I’m still enjoying myself! 🙂

Oracle of Shadows & Light – Count My Blessings

I pulled these cards on Friday, though I didn’t get a chance to post them then. They seem to paint a distinctive picture though (as always!)

The Ghosts of the Pumpkin Patch is reminding me that I have so many blessings that I have been overlooking lately. Though my life may seem too busy or stressful lately, there is still so much to be thankful for!

The Winged Seer reminds me that if I’ve had questions about certain situations lately, I need only listen to my inner voice to know the truth. I’ve just been so worried about other things, my inner voice is muffled behind all the other canoodling my brain has been doing!

The Violet Duchess wasn’t clear to me at first, but she seems to be saying that I’ve been keeping my mouth closed lately about something that’s been bothering me because I don’t want to make waves. She’s telling me to be true to myself and speak out if there’s injustice in a situation that’s important.

All of these cards seem to be tied together by the card that was on the bottom of the deck, Pink Lotus Fairy: A Time for Spirit.

She’s telling me to quiet the mind and go within to find that peace from stress and anxiety that will help me remember the wonderful blessings that surround me, help me hear my inner voice that will give me important messages, and help me find my true nature and allow me to stand up for what I believe in.

 – Images from the Oracle of Shadows & Light,
by Lucy Cavendish,
art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Published by Blue Angel Publishing

Oracle of Shadows & Light – Letting Go

Using my deck of the week, Oracle of Shadows & Light, I asked while shuffling, “What message do you have for me?”

I pulled Strangely Lonely as my first card, and looking at the key words I knew what this card was referring to. I have anxiety disorder and it’s always a struggle to maintain a level head when I’m in the throes of a panic attack. And I’ve been struggling through the panic mode-thing ever since last week. Strangely Lonely is telling me that I’m holding on too tight to the situation that created the panic attack and to let it go; the emotions that I feel while panicking often makes me feel very isolated, as if I’m deserted on my own island with no one who can help.

One phrase from the companion book made me chuckle. It’s as if they know me! “The truth is, your inner world is richer than most, and it’s an imaginative paradise – or hell – depending on your state of mind.” Yup! When I’m anxious, it’s as if I’m living in a very disturbing Tim Burton movie, unable to escape! What’s up with that?? 😉

When I was reading the book for the last two cards, I just kept getting the feeling that these two cards were describing my feelings of impending doom I had today. I don’t know if anything will come of it (I’ve never been prophetic), but I just kept feeling like there was something out there… hovering… something coming…

Something I pulled from the companion book for Lady with a Bosch Egg resonated with me, even though it’s kind of pulled out of context, “…know when to keep silent, know what to keep to yourself, and know that some secrets come to light at the right time.” I wonder if that has anything to do with my work situation?  And knowing when to stay quiet with things I know…

Or Lady with a Bosch Egg could be reminding me that I have a class with The Tarot School tomorrow night, and I’m sure hoping I can make the time to attend!! From the companion book, “Learn all that you can. Explore esoteric symbology, the history of magic and spirituality.” 🙂

And there’s The Storm Angel again! I get the feeling that she’s just representing my unsettled feelings I’ve been having today. And she’s probably reminding me to try to remain centered whenever I feel a little panic coming on.

Now, I didn’t get a chance to post my daily from Monday, but I liked that one. 

These are the cards I pulled on Monday: 

The Snow Angel looks a little put out with me. Apparently she’s been trying to tell me that everything will be all right, but I’m not paying attention, still clinging to my fears. From the companion book, “It is your own fear and attachment to hesitating that keeps you on ‘pause’. It is time to see what has already been shown to you, and to take action immediately, without hesitation. The Snow Angel has shown you so very clearly that you are protected and cared for: now it is time for you to do exactly that, for yourself.”

And Dress of Alchemy also showed up today at the bottom of my deck. (I always pull the card from the bottom to see what the underlying energies of the question/situation are, or in this case, a Guidance card.) She tells me that it’s within my power to create what I want and need for myself, I just need to believe. She also has her hands on her hips as if to say, “Come on already! What are you waiting for??”

From the companion book, “Please take time to clear from your own sacred energy field: jealousy; envy; fear and guilt. Once you are clear, welcome in bright, strong, powerful, healthy energy. After this has taken place, expect symbols and signs to pour in. Keep your energy strong and bright and follow the signs. When your energy is strong and bright, when you come from a place of love, courage and wisdom, you will attract the ‘right’ signs and will not be misled.” And there’s the message about signs, like in the first card.

These cards definitely speak loudly! Is it coincidence that cards with common message threads pop up together? Well, I don’t usually believe in coincidence… 🙂


 – Images from the Oracle of Shadows & Light,
by Lucy Cavendish,
art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Published by Blue Angel Publishing

Oracle of Shadows & Light – What Will They Show Me?

This week I plan on using my Oracle of Shadows & Light,
Created by Lucy Cavendish, art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Published by Blue Angel Publishing

This is such a unique deck, like Precious Moments gone Goth. The different beings that are featured in this deck are ghosts, mermaids, ancients, fairies, witches, angels, entities, and historic beings. Very eclectic, if I do say so. Put these two things together, and you’ve got a trip down the rabbit hole, I bet! I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

I drew cards last night for my weekend, and already these little messengers are right on. I asked as I was shuffling, “What lesson can I learn from this weekend?” (Little background: I was suffering from panic attacks this weekend… not fun.)

I drew the Storm Angel and The Dried Flower Fairy; and these two seem to be from opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Storm Angel: Collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energy
This card is so very striking! (Purple is one of my favorite colors, so right there I like it.) Of course, looking at this card, our Storm Angel seems to be in a bit of a bad mood! She kind of has a scowl on her face, and lightning is crackling all around her. Yep. This is how I felt this weekend, in the midst of a storm and not very happy about it. But although her surrounding atmosphere is turbulent, she seems to be calm in the midst of it, albeit not necessarily happy. This card reminds me to try to stay centered when things around me are in chaos; stay true to myself.

And from the companion booklet, “…I bring change, and when change comes for some it is simple, easy and flowing, for others, dramatic, erratic, wild and full of static! Like I said, I appear when two forms of energy collide: high and low! I then appear to burn away the old and create a clear, fresh vibration, where all that is stale, and fearful, and unpleasant has been cleared away! The wonderful thing about this challenging collision is that while you’ll be nudged out of your comfort zone, you’ll also realise just how much has changed, and how far you have come! The results will be worth the pressure – trust me!” Figures…. just another version of The Tower.

Her advice is that when there is arguing and chaos around me, stay firm in my integrity and tell the truth. A nice reminder, and it fits in my work situation as well.

The Dried Flower Fairy:
Sweet Memories
This card seems to mirror the Six of Cups I drew in the Celtic Cross spread I did a few days ago, under my Guidance position #9.  As advice for my situation that was revealed in The Storm Angel, the Dried Flower Fairy tells me that “when we experience a difficult and challenging time, [she] flies to our side, and shows us a moment that we had forgotten, and magically the present moment transforms.”  Well, thank goodness! Apparently she sensed my distress and has come to my aid. 🙂

From the companion booklet, “…it’s time to sift through the precious moments in memory, and by honouring these, and feeling them again, change the present for the better. The magic of your sweetest memories will be worked into the present moment, and your current struggle will be momentarily relieved, and that transcendent feeling of being one with all that is will return, giving you the strength to go on, and do what must be done.”

Wow! Maybe these cards DO have a life of their own! They sure seemed to nail my situation. I’ll enjoy seeing what they have to say to me throughout the week. 🙂

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