I’m Back!

I’m in the process of moving my blog, and this post was originally posted Oct. 25, 2010:

Well, it’s been one year since Robyn died, and I discovered that I’ve been grieving all wrong, if there is such a thing.  I haven’t played with my tarot cards for almost the whole year, feeling as if too much is missing if I don’t have anyone to share them with.

Then a few weeks ago, I did a little reading with the Mythical Goddess Tarot using an iPod app I have, and it seemed so profound that I jotted down some notes.  As I did, I swear I could feel Robyn near me, and I just felt as if we were sharing the spread together.  What a great feeling!  So little by little I’ve been using my cards again, and when I do, I feel close to Robyn.  And since that’s the best I’m going to be able to do, I’m going to spend a lot more time with my tarot decks and maybe her absence won’t hurt so much.  🙂

I think I’ve also decided to try a couple of other blog setups as opposed to using the WordPress blog that goes along with my website.  There just aren’t many fun templates to play with (at least not that I’ve been able to figure out), and it just looks boring.  So, I’m playing around on this blog, but don’t be surprised if you see various different looks as I try to find one that really like.  So far, I like the colors and set up of this one, but I reserve the right to choose different templates as the mood strikes.  🙂


Blessings to My Dearest Friend, starladyxvii

I’m in the process of moving my blog, and this post was originally posted Dec. 7, 2009:

So much has been happening in my life in the last few months, it’s sent everything into a tailspin. But I think I’m beginning to feel the urge to get back into my groove. Back in Sept, my husband’s brother passed away, and just today we went through his household items that we’ve had stored in our garage.

And on October 17, 2009, my best friend passed away from lung cancer. Only two and a half months passed from the time she found out to the time she passed, certainly not enough time to get my mind around the fact that I’m never going to talk to her again. It’s been very difficult for me.

I met Robyn on the first online tarot group that I ever joined, MSN’s JB’s Tarot for Beginners. It was created from the first online Barnes & Noble University class and she and I were some of the first members, dating back to 2002. We spent many years talking about our favorite decks, what we loved about them, what we didn’t like about other decks; she was my Tarot Touchstone. And since she’s passed, Tarot just hasn’t held the magic that it once did. She was an incredibly special person in my life, and she’ll be greatly missed!

But in the last couple of days I have felt the stirrings of interest in Tarot again, and I’m hoping that I can rekindle my original love, despite her absence.

Robyn Steffens, aka starladyxvii
May the Goddess Protect and Keep You

Facebook? Really?

Originally Posted August 8, 2009:

Well, I finally did it.  I joined Facebook.  I’ve been saying all along that I just don’t want to be “out there” for everyone to see, and I did mean it.  Honest.

But, well, my sister-in-law kept sending me invitations, so I finally gave in.  I mean, what will it hurt?  I don’t have to have a lot of information there, just a place to keep in touch with family, right?  Right.

So I signed up and put just the basics, then “friended” my family members.  Then I looked up my college friend who e-mailed me months ago looking for me, thankful that I still had the same e-mail address, since I wasn’t on FB.  Ok, that’s fine.  No big deal.

Then it just so happened that in that same week, my husband’s co-worker “forced” him to sign up for FB and helped him set everything up (since hubby is no whiz with the computer).  So now we’re both on, and I can’t have him accumulating more friends than I!  lol  Actually, I was enjoying watching him complain about having to spend so much time on the computer, keeping up with all these people he hasn’t spoken with in years.  Then we linked up as married, and that was fun, sending messages back and forth.

So since I was spending more time on FB because of that, every now and then I would think of an old schoolmate and look them up.  Oh, look!  There they are!  Let me just send a Friend request and see if they remember me.  And that’s the way it starts.

Now the first place I go when I log on to my computer is Facebook.  I ended up working late into the night last night, just to make up the time I spent trying to get my privacy settings just right during the day.  Egads.  Addicted to something new!  Already?  I’m still trying to really get going on this sweater I’m trying to knit myself, not to mention finishing the afghan that is nearly done, that is for a friend whose birthday was 3 weeks ago.  <sigh>

Crocheted Tarot Bag with Flap and Catch

I’m in the process of moving my blog, and this post was originally posted August 3, 2009:

I totally improvised on this project, and I ripped it out plenty of times to get it the way I envisioned it. I used 100% Pisgah cotton yarn because I wanted all natural material, but I found it a bit tough to work with; it doesn’t give very much. (You could just as easily use Lily Sugar’n Cream or any 100% cotton yarn.)  I also like bags that are very snug around the cards, so I kept my tension rather tight to produce a more dense weave to lend more support to the deck. (I don’t use the box when I have a bag.)

I like bags with a flap rather than a drawstring style, but I didn’t want to use velcro. So I fashioned a catch for the flap that comes down over the front of the bag.

This pattern is continuous with no weave-in’s except at the end. You could basically split it up into 4 parts: the base, the tube of the body, the catch for the flap (on the body), the flap. (I’ll try to write down the pattern the best I can, but there are parts that are hard to describe because I was improvising.) If you can’t figure out what I was trying to say, please let me know so that I can try improve my wording.  🙂

I used a 4.5 mm hook to keep my tension tight, but you can use whatever size works for you.  Like I said, this was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project. 🙂


Gauge: Approx 16 sc and 18 rows per 4 sq inch

The base and the body are completed in the round with the right side facing you.

BASE: (I used slip stitch in the round for a squared base.)
Ch 11 (vary to fit your deck).
Sl st into the top loop of 1st ch from hook and in remaining 10 chains. Sl st 2 more times into that first ch st. Then sl st into the back loops of the original ch. Now sl st into the back loop of each stitch, moving around in a circular pattern, adding extra chains at the corners to give it more of a square shape.

(For a standard-size deck, going around 5 times is a good base size.)

BODY – Part 1:

Row 1:
When you have achieved a base about the size of the bottom of your deck, begin sc into blo [back loop only] of the outside layer of the base. (You can choose which side of the base you would like to show on the outside bottom of the bag.)  At each corner, dec across 2 st. (This helps bring the sides up more vertically.)

When you come all the way around, you will continue sc without ending that first row, but sc into both top loops from here on out, continuing up in a spiral. In this way, you’ll keep a uniform width throughout the tube.

Row 2:
Sc around, dec over 2 st on each long side. This will help bring the sides in to hug your deck.

Row 3-16:
Sc around in a spiral.

At row 16 (approx – you can adj to where you want the catch), as you’re coming around the back side of the bag toward the front (about midway between the front and back), stop sc and ch 16 (approx), going in the direction you would have been going if you had continued sc. When you have reached the other side of the bag, sl st into one of the stitches on the body of the bag. Make sure the stitch you choose to anchor the chain is far enough to the side (but still in the middle of the body) to be fitted to the body of the bag. You don’t want the catch too tight, but you want it to hold the flap securely. Turn and dc into the chains going back to the other side of the bag, to the side where you began your chain. When you’ve reached the other side, pick up sc into the body where you left off.

Sc two more rows around the body (rows 17-19).

When you come to the side where you started the catch, right at the side where the catch starts, bring your yarn under the catch (you’ll probably want to anchor somewhere into the body to add a little stability.) Then sl st into the bottom st of each dc.

When you’ve reached the other side, sl st into somewhere in the body to hold the catch flat (this part of the pattern is very hard to describe because I basically did what I had to make the catch lie flat against the body of the bag.)

When you have the catch anchored where you want it, begin sl st into the top st of each dc of the catch, going back to where you began.

When you get to the side where you started, anchor the catch somewhere in the body, then continue sc into the body where you left off.

BODY – Part 2:

Rows 20-24:
Continue sc in a spiral.

When you’ve reached the point of the body where your deck will be completely covered, stop at the row that comes from around the back of the deck. Sl st into body around the sides and front of the bag. When you get to the other side, you should have 12 st that have not been sl st. (Make sure these 12 st are centered in the back of the bag.)

Row 25:
Sc 12, ch 1, turn.

Row 26:
Sc into 2nd st from hook, and across (end up with 12 sc). Ch 1, turn.

Rows 27-40:
Repeat row 26.

Row 41:
Sc into 2nd st from hook, and across (12 sc). Turn. (Do not ch 1.)

Row 42:
Sl st into each sc. (12 sl st).

Bind off and weave in end.

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